Carolyn Quick Tillery’s African-American Heritage Cookbook Series

Readers who pick up one of these three cookbooks are going to get more than just the recipes for traditional African-American dishes. Carolyn Quick Tillery has filled her her pages with stories, poetry, pictures, and historical accounts to give the full story of how and why these recipes exist, and the important part they played in the history of African-Americans.

Each book in the series is inspired by a different Historically Black College or University (HBCU), and each one focuses on the history of the college and its founders, and includes stories and recipes from those founders as well as from alumni. The first book in the series, entitled the African-American Heritage Cookbook, was published in 1996 and focues on Alabama’s renowned Tuskegee Institute.

A Taste of Freedom, the second book in the series, is dedicated to the Hampton Institute in Hampton, VA.

The third and final book, Celebrating our Equality, is dedicated to Washington, DC’s Howard University.

Watch a Food Network clip of Tillery talking about the history of African-American cooking:

As she says, readers of these cookbooks are going to get a side of education with their dish of peas.

Multiple CLP branches have copies of each of these books!

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